Endre3_Grazioso_Cvartet_Mures_Quartet_VonosnegyesWhat is professionalism?


Professionalism is the manifestation of understanding, of deep knowledge of the profession, which leaves its mark on both the labor process and the quality of the final result thereof. Our opinion is that only those can talk about professionalism who have a past in which they have demonstrated something. We – the Grazioso Quartet from Târgu-Mureş, with an experience of seven years – believe that we fulfill most criteria of the word ‘professionalism’. We believe that some 300 appearances and concerts in the last seven years would be enough to say: the energy and investment from the decades of study, have brought the expected results. However, maybe it’s not merely that. We should note three issues, which we believe characterize us: 


1. Efficient communication

We believe and support that we managed to build and maintain good relationships with all our customers who have contracted us for various events. The customer’s problem is our problem in the sense that we try to solve any problems arising in the process, to help them in unexpected, unfavorable situations. At an event, be it a wedding, conference, or other occasion, usually there are more providers. We are aware that it is an advantage to our employer to try to have good relations with each service provider, after all a well organized event rests on the teamwork of all participating providers. Before the wedding, there often arises the question of choosing the best provider for different tasks. We try as much as possible to help our customers with useful tips or even establish for them a contact with trustworthy providers.

2. Punctuality every single time

We can say that in the eight years of existence with some 350 appearances at various concerts and events, we were never late. It is part of the Quartet’s internal protocol to arrive on site at least 1 hour before, or even earlier if large distances are involved.

3. Visual Impact

The Grazioso String Quartet puts great emphasis on appearance. We have several options of clothing, all elegant, to the will customers:

  • tailcoat with white shirt and white bow tie
  • smoking with white shirt and black or bordeaux bow tie
  • long-sleeved black shirt for hot summer days

We take care that before each event the instruments are cleaned with a special solution, which faithfully restores luster typical for a violin, viola or cello. These issues are compulsory for any stylish musician, but there are a few more …

Small details which gather together. Quality racks, well ordered musical notes and of course appropriate behavior at any time from the moment the preliminary discussions and until the end of the concert.

We are aware that the tailcoat obliges and that reputation is based on professionalism.