String Quartet for an Elegant Wedding

Endre2_Grazioso_Cvartet_Mures_Quartet_VonosnegyesIn the general sense of the word, it is elegant that which is done tastefully, beautifully, and it is distinguished by tasteful harmony. In the musical specter there is a wide range of styles and all have their purpose, a proper place and time. From this wide range, everyone has their own preferences; we are pleased to listen to a certain musical style. At an event of major importance as a wedding that gathers very many people, with as many musical tastes. The fulfillment of all musical desires is a nearly impossible task for a single band. Therefore, at a festive event like a wedding it is considerate to have a broad musical palette, ideally covered by several bands from different segments of music. Every musical style is highly appreciated by many people, classical music also has many followers.

The Grazioso String Quartet as a music band represents this highly elegant style in the shape and quality of its sound. In fact music played by a string quartet is supreme elegance. Suffice it to say that some 100 years ago the privilege of listening to a string quartet was granted merely to a very high social class. A social class which – as we all know – is characterized by sophistication, elegance and good taste. These values ​​- and the simple interest in these values ​​– also characterize the one interested in them. Music in a high quality interpretation creates an atmosphere of excellence at a wedding, or a protocol.