Who we are?

  • Fülöp Alajos

    Violin I.
  • Kacsó Blanka

    Violin II.
  • Bartha Lajos

  • Kováts István



Founded in 2008 by four enthusiastic young musicians of the State Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of Târgu-Mureş, the Grazioso String Quartet currently works with many established partners, instrumentalist or vocalist artists, in various chamber groups focused around the string quartet. Every quartet member has a backup partner, who intervenes in case we need.

Be it a wedding, wedding proposal, conference, reception, fashion show, inaugural event, exhibition or other type of festive event, the Grazioso String Quartet from Târgu-Mureş will ensure the elegant musical background of your choice.

  • Repertoire

    The repertoire of the Grazioso String Quartet from Târgu-Mureş comprises entire centuries and numerous genres of music: pre-classicism, classicism, romanticism and impressionism, jazz, café-concert, ever-greens, musical, movie soundtracks, covers, retouched folk, etc. We take pride in over fifteen musical arrangements of our own, like: Por una cabeza (Scent of a Woman), Derniére Danse by Indila, Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 or The Show Must Go On by Queen.


  • Our Philosophy

    Professionalism in every detail

             Our strong points are:

    • Over 10 years of experience
    • Professional sound system / equipment
    • Organization focused on details
    • Punctuality
    • Adaptability

  • Tradition

    The string quartet as a musical lineup is among the most used by composers, chamber recitals were always present at the elegant receptions in royal courts, castles, palaces of the nineteenth century Europe. At that time a chamber or symphonic concert was a privilege reserved for the aristocracy, but today a chamber recital is accessible to almost anyone, furthermore, it brings a touch of elegance and style to any festive event. Grazioso String Quartet from Târgu-Mureș is ready to represent your elegance.